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Ejnar Richard Pedersen

Mand 1902 - 1991  (89 år)

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  • Navn Ejnar Richard Pedersen 
    Født 14 jan. 1902  Gullev Sogn, Houlbjerg Herred, Viborg Amt Find alle personer med begivenheder på dette sted 
    • near Bjerringbro
    Døbt 19 jan. 1902  Gullev Sogn, Houlbjerg Herred, Viborg Amt Find alle personer med begivenheder på dette sted 
    Køn Mand 
    Immigration 23 maj 1928  Quebec City, Quebec, Canada Find alle personer med begivenheder på dette sted  [1
    • Canadian Immigration Service
      Sheet No. 15 for Third Class passengers on the Montroyal, Volume 6, Page 70
      Sailing from Southhampton May 15th 1928 and arriving at Quebec, May 23, 1928.
    Beskæftigelse Maskinist og forretningsmand 
    _UID 0A76B1CE31C84846917C742CD6048742D60C 
    Død 18 sep. 1991  Camrose (Bethany Hospital), Alberta, Canada Find alle personer med begivenheder på dette sted 
    Begravet 22 sep. 1991  Camrose (Camrose Cemetery), Alberta, Canada Find alle personer med begivenheder på dette sted 
    • Place of Marriage: Norwegian Lutheran Church, Camrose. Witnesses: H. Henriksen
      & C. Mikkelsen. Clergyman: Rev. M. Mattheisen, Danish Lutheran, Edmonton

      Richard and Anna lived at 5211-48th A Avenue, Camrose, from the late thirties
      until their death. The house was demolished in 1992 and the land turned into a park.

      Oluf an Johanne Pedersen's family bible states that Einar was bapized at home on January
      19th and shown at Gulev church on March 28, 1902. Witnesses at the baptism were Karen
      Mikkelsen and Peder Mikkelsen, Noddelund, and Martin Hansen, Gulev. Einar was
      confirmed at Bjerring church April 16, 1916.

      Daabsattest: issued 8 November 1915
      Kirkeboger for Gullev Sogn, Houlbjerg herred, adviser, at Ejnar Richard Pedersen, Son af Karelhmager Oluf Johannes Pedersen og Hustru Johanne Marie Nielsen, er født i Gullev Sogn 14 Januar 1902, døbt i Hjemmet 19 Januar og fremstillet i Kirken 28 Marts s. Aar.

      Marriage Certificate:
      This certifies that on the 28th day of April in the year of our Lord 1929 Ejnar Richard Pedersen and Anna Sørine Rasmussen were by me united in marriage at Norwebian Luth. Church, Camrose according to the ordinance of God and the Laws of Alberta, Canada. Max Matthiesen, Pastor. Niels Petersen Diakon. Witnesses: H. Hendriksen, Camrose. Chr. Mikkelsen, Camrose.

      Certificate of naturalization as British subject: Number 120954. Series A. 16 October 1934.

      The following was recorded by Ralph Pedersen in January 1982 in
      conversation with his father.
      "From age 7-14 attended school in Denmark. 11-12 years old worked for
      a tinsmith, 12 years old worked in a bakery. In both of these jobs the
      money he brought home was handed over to his father. Age 13-15 worked in a
      sawmill cutting fir and oak for a furniture making business. He went to
      school in the morning and worked in the mill in the afternoons until 6pm.
      From January 1917 to January 1921, age 15 to 19, he was an apprentice in a
      machine shop. The first year was spent wielding a 10 pound hammer for 10
      hours a day, 6 days a week. He got 75› per week for 60 hours work. The
      blacksmith would pull the hot iron out of the forge and Richard would hit
      it. "I came home so tired I couldn't do anything else but I would still
      have to go out and weed in the garden. I had no thought of quitting
      because I didn't like the work. We just went through with it." The second
      year he was sent out to paint machinery. The third year was spent working
      and learning on the lathe. The fourth year he assembled machinery
      including erecting large windmills mostly for farmers. His pay was $4 per
      week. In 1921 he got work in Silkeborg in a machine shop and worked there
      until he came to Camrose. The work was fixing gas meters and lathe work."
      "In 1928 I came to Camrose on June 1st. I had $50. From June 1st to
      September 30th I worked on a farm. The first farmer paid me $1 a day plus
      food and a bed in a granary. I worked there 2 months. Then in harvest I
      worked for a farmer getting paid $4 a day shocking (14 days) and $5 a day
      threshing (19 days). In October 1928 I got work as a mechanic at the Ford
      garage (McAfee Motors). I was paid $20 per week. I was there from 1928 to
      1931. The last 2 years I was the shop foreman and made $30 per week. The
      hours were 8am to 6pm but I often worked longer with no extra pay. I had
      made up my mind that if I could save up enough money to send for Anna in
      that first year, then I would stay. I not only saved enough to send for
      her but I bought a piece of land for $40, paid $125 for a small house, dug
      a hole for a cellar and put a foundation 12 ft. x 20 ft. under the house.
      From 1931 to 1934 I leased a machine shop. The contract was that 25 cents out
      of ever dollar went to Dahl from whom I had leased the machine shop. I had
      one man working for me. I did the work on the Ford cars, the other man did
      the machine shop work. I had the reputation that if a part of any machine
      was broken I could fix it or make a new one. Those were tough years. I
      worked long hours, often far into the night in order to make it go. When
      Dahl's son-in-law came back and took over I went into partnership with
      Grenway. From 1934 to 1938 I was in a partnership - 'Grenway & Pedersen
      Chrysler Dealer' with a garage and machine shop. Grenway went to war and I
      didn't have enough money to buy him out so I rented a building and started
      my own business in 1938 - a garage and machine shop. In 1939 I built a new
      garage. In 1940 I got the Nash dealership but only got one car. In 1949
      or 50 I got one Nash; in 1951 I started getting more cars. In 1952 I built
      a new garage. Those were some tight times economically as people didn't pay their
      accounts." (In 1955 Dad showed me where the accounts were carrying $11,000 - $12,000.)
      "In 1954 I built a new machine shop half a block away from the garage. In 1955 I got the
      Volkswagen franchise. In 1966 I sold the garage and in 1975 sold the machine shop."
      "We moved to our present house in 1937. In Denmark I moved 14 times in 14 years and
      when I was a little older I said to myself, 'when I get married I will own my own home, not
      rent, and stay there.' When we moved so often we got behind in school. I bought the house
      at 5211 - 48 A Avenue for $1000. I had $400 and borrowed $600 from the Royal Bank of
      Canada. I had 12 month to pay it back. Before 6 month I had paid it all. I've been
      satisfied in Camrose. I haven't regretted it for one day. It helps to have had a good wife."
      "My mother said when I was 7 - 8 years old, 'I like the babies till they get up to 2 years
      and then I don't care much for them'." (Dad overheard this when his mother was talking to
      some other woman.) "My mother was a kind woman." (Anna - "Dad's dad was a
      somewhat harsh man, too strict.") (Richard) "My father never had any patience. When I
      was 8 I had a small instrument. He was going to teach me. He was trying to tell me
      something and I was looking out the window at the boys playing. He said, 'You are not
      interested in that so you might as well to out and play'. That was the end of the instrument."
      "If a pastor came into our home we showed great respect. When I would go home after
      being gone, say a month, there was not even a hand shake. I can't say we took around
      (hugged) our parents at anytime and visa versa. It was a lot harder to explain how you feel.
      We kept it in our selves."

      The following story was told by Dad during a visit to Camrose (by Harold) in about
      1986. Dad, at that time had some difficulty speaking. In talking with Dad, he said he reads
      but forgets what was read. He found talking to people difficult, as he can 'see' what he
      wants to say, but cannot find the word. He can't write in English (any longer) as he finds
      English difficult, but has not the Danish vocabulary. Given time and patience, he could
      make his story understood, however.
      Dad took his apprenticeship with a machinist in Bjerringbro. After a couple of years,
      about half way through his apprenticeship he was laid off due to no work in the area. His
      father on learning this responded with, "well, you can always go work on the farm". Dad
      would have nothing to do with that and bicycled 12 miles to Silkeborg where he applied for a
      job as machinist with a machine company there. He was hired, and found out subsequently
      from one of his two co-workers that because he had been wearing a lapel pin of a Christian
      organization, the owner had hired him. The owner was also a Christian. Dad was made the
      head machinist in the firm. As well, the owner had a brother who had a machinery business,
      and when there was too little business at one firm, Dad would be sent to the other to do work
      there. Dad found the owner a fine man to work for and worked there until he went to

      The day couch in Dad's study was in their first house in 1929 serving as couch by day
      and bed by night. The dining room furniture was bought shortly after marriage.

      Trips home to Denmark -
      Mother only: 1934 (with Eric and Ruth),
      Dad only: 1951, 1962, 1968,

      Both: 1946 (with Harold), 1965, 1971 (with Ruth), 1974, 1978, 1983.

      The following is an account by Paul of the day that father died:

      When I came home to Camrose, Dad was unconscious. Since he had been unable to speak
      for a couple of years, it was difficult to know if he understood what we said to him. For the
      past while he had refused to eat and it was clear that he would die soon. Ruth and Ralph
      were already there. The three of us were going together to the hospital to sit with dad.
      Mother did not come that day but she asked me to read to dad from the Bible and pray with
      him. After we had been sitting around dad's bed for a while, I told the others of mom's
      request, took Dad's Bible and read the opening verses of the twenty-first chapter of
      Revelation "...he will wipe every tear from their eyes. Death will be no more; mourning and
      crying and pain will be no more, for the first things have passed away..." After the reading
      we all prayed the Lord's Prayer together. Then my sister started to sing the hymn "Children
      of the Heavenly Father Safely in his bosom gather". While we were singing, father stopped
      breathing. Tears streaming down, we sang all four verses, finishing "Though he giveth or he
      taketh, God his children ne'er forsaketh; His the loving purpose solely To preserve them pure
      and holy." Father's death brought to remembrance the words of Horatio's farewell to the
      dying Hamlet, "and flights of Angels sing thee to thy rest." And so they did as we, his
      children, wept.
      Canadian Government Return
      Canadian Immigration Service
      Sheet No. 15 for Third Class passengers on the Montroyal, Volume 6, Page 70
      Sailing from Southhampton May 15th 1928 and arriving at Quebec, May 23, 1928.

      1 - Line (on first page) - 12
      2 - Family Name, Given name - Pedersen Eynon
      3 - Relationship - none
      4 - Age Male - 26
      5 - Age Female
      6 - Single, Married, Widowed, Divorced - Single
      7 - Country and place of birth - Denmark Gullev
      8 - Nationality (Country of which a citizen or subject) - Danish
      9 - Race or People - Danish
      10 - If in Canada before, between what periods - No
      11 - If in Canada before, at what address - No
      12 - Ever refused entry to or deported from Canada? - No
      13 - Do you intend to reside permanently in Canada? - Yes
      14 - Can you read? - Yes
      15 - What language - English
      16 - By whom was passage paid? - Self
      17 - Line (on second page) - 19
      18 - What trade or occupation did you follow in your own country? - Machinist
      19 - What trade or occupation do you intend to follow in Canada? - Farmer Job
      20 - If destined to relative, friend or employer, state which and give name and full address. If not joining any person in Canada give the address in Canada to which you are going - c/o Danish Immigration Aid Society, 460 Main Street, Winnipeg
      21 - Give name, relationship and address of your nearest relative in the country from which you came. If a wife or children are to follow you later to Canada, give names and ages. - Father, Mr. I. Pedersen, Villa Engvanga Bjerringbro
      22 - Have you or any of your family ever been mentally defective? - no
      23 - Have your or any of your family ever been physically defective? - no
      24 - Have you or any of your family ever been tubercular? - no
      25 - Passport number, place and date of issue - 5058 Selkeborg 5.5.28
      26 - Money in possession belonging to passenger - $50
      27 - Travelling inland on - CPR
      28 - Action Taken and Civil Examiner - Landed Immigrant

      Dad left Denmark Oct 13, 1927 or later, Arrived in Canada June 25, 1928 or earlier. His 26th birthday was January 1928.

      The EMPRESS OF BRITAIN was built for the Canadian Pacific Line by Fairfield Shipbuilding, Glasgow in 1906. She was a 14,189 gross ton vessel, length 548.8ft x beam 65.7ft, two funnels, two masts, twin screw and a speed of 18 knots. There was accommodation for 310-1st, 470-2nd and 750-3rd class passengers. Launched on 11/11/1905 she sailed from Liverpool on her maiden voyage to Quebec on 5/5/1906. Both the EMPRESS OF BRITAIN and her sister ship, the ill-fated EMPRESS OF IRELAND were the fastest ships on the Canada service at the time. On 22/7/1912, she rammed and sank the SS HELVETIA in fog off Cape Magdeleine in the lower St Lawrence River. In 1914 she was converted to an Armed Merchant Cruiser and joined Admiral Stoddart's squadron in the SouthAtlantic. She later patrolled between Cape Finisterre and the Cape Verde Islands. In May 1915 she was recommisioned as a troop transport and carried more than 110,000 troops to the Dardanelles, Egypt and India as well as Canadian and US expeditionary forces across the NorthAtlantic. On 12/12/1915 while passing through the Straits of Gibraltar, she collided with and sank a Greek steamer. In March 1919 she resumed the Liverpool - St.John NB service for one round voyage and was then converted from coal to oil fuel and her passenger accommodation was modernised. On 1/9/1920 she returned to the Liverpool - Quebec service and in Oct.1922 commenced running between Southampton - Cherbourg - Quebec. In 1924 she was renamed MONTROYAL and her accommodation altered to carry 600-cabin and 800-3rd class passengers, returning to the Liverpool - Quebec service on 19/4/1924. In 1926 her accommodation was again altered to carry cabin, tourist and 3rd class and she made eight trips a year through 1926 and the following year was transferred to the Antwerp - Southampton - Cherbourg - Quebec route. She commenced her final voyage from Antwerp on 7/9/1929 and was then laid up after making a total of 190 round voyages on the North Atlantic. On 17/6/1930 she was sold to the Stavanger Shipbreaking Co. and was scrapped. The owner of the Sola Strand Hotel bought the lounge from the shipbreakers and incorporated it into his hotel as the Montroyal Ballroom. The beautiful woodwork is still a feature of this building which now houses the Norwegian School for Hotel Management.
    Person-ID I3478  prhall
    Sidst ændret 11 sep. 2009 

    Far Oluf Johannes Pedersen,   f. 21 dec. 1878, Sønder Bjerge Sogn (Bøgelunde), Vester Flakkebjerg Herred, Sorø Amt Find alle personer med begivenheder på dette sted,   d. nov. 1974, Bjerringbro, Middelsom Herred, Viborg Amt Find alle personer med begivenheder på dette sted  (Alder 95 år) 
    Mor Johanne Marie Nielsen,   f. 28 jun. 1878, Ryde sogn (Ryde Præstegård), Ginding Herred, Ringkøbing Amt Find alle personer med begivenheder på dette sted,   d. 9 nov. 1960, Bjerringbro, Middelsom Herred, Viborg Amt Find alle personer med begivenheder på dette sted  (Alder 82 år) 
    Gift 3 maj 1901  Venslev Sogn (Venslev Kirke), Vester Flakkebjerg Herred, Sorø Amt Find alle personer med begivenheder på dette sted 
    • Sponsors at their wedding: Stonemason Jens Pedersen, Venslev; and Farm owner Niels Nielsen, Venslev, near Rude.(probably Johanne's brother)
    Familie-ID F1234  Gruppeskema  |  Familietavle

    Familie Anna Sørine Rasmussen,   f. 6 sep. 1902, Them sogn (Virklund, Silkeborg Vesterskov, Kjærhus), Vrads Herred, Skanderborg Amt Find alle personer med begivenheder på dette sted,   d. 5 jun. 1992, St. Mary's Hospital, Camrose, Alberta Find alle personer med begivenheder på dette sted  (Alder 89 år) 
    Gift 28 apr. 1929  Camrose (Norwegian Lutheran Church), Alberta, Canada Find alle personer med begivenheder på dette sted  [2
     1. Nulevende
     2. Nulevende
     3. Nulevende
     4. Nulevende
     5. Carl Clarence Pedersen,   f. 27 jul. 1940, Camrose, Alberta, Canada Find alle personer med begivenheder på dette sted,   d. 8 feb. 1995, New York, New York, USA Find alle personer med begivenheder på dette sted  (Alder 54 år)
     6. Nulevende
    Sidst ændret 30 aug. 2006 
    Familie-ID F1233  Gruppeskema  |  Familietavle

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    Link til Google MapsFødt - 14 jan. 1902 - Gullev Sogn, Houlbjerg Herred, Viborg Amt Link til Google Earth
    Link til Google MapsDøbt - 19 jan. 1902 - Gullev Sogn, Houlbjerg Herred, Viborg Amt Link til Google Earth
    Link til Google MapsImmigration - 23 maj 1928 - Quebec City, Quebec, Canada Link til Google Earth
    Link til Google MapsGift - 28 apr. 1929 - Camrose (Norwegian Lutheran Church), Alberta, Canada Link til Google Earth
    Link til Google MapsDød - 18 sep. 1991 - Camrose (Bethany Hospital), Alberta, Canada Link til Google Earth
    Link til Google MapsBegravet - 22 sep. 1991 - Camrose (Camrose Cemetery), Alberta, Canada Link til Google Earth
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  • Kilder 
    1. [S2337] Canadian Immigration Record.

    2. [S244] Certificate of Marriage No.18626, Government of the Province of Alberta.

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