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Dr. Lawrence Harlo Irgens

October 14, 1929 - January 25, 2000

Lawrence Harlo Irgens was born on October 14, 1929 in Alexandria to Lawrence Henry
Irgens and Tomena (Lee) Irgens. He grew up in Fergus Falls and Madison, Minnesota. In
1947 he graduated from Madison Senior High School, where he was class valedictorian,
quarterback for his football team and captain of his basketball team. He attended Luther
College and, later, The University of Minnesota. In 1950 he received Bachelor of Science
and Bachelor of Arts degrees from the University. He continued his studies at the
University of Minnesota School of Dentistry, where he earned his Doctorate in Dental
Surgery in 1957, and was elected as a Graduate Fellow of the Psi Omega Dental Fraternity.
In 1971 Dr. Irgens completed a Master's degree in Public Health from the University of
Minnesota, where he focussed on the study of dental services in small communities.

During his forty-three years of practice, Larry served the dental community in many
capacities. He was a Governor Appointee to the Minnesota State Board of Dentistry for
four years, and served on the Regional Board of Dental Examiners for twelve years. He
worked as the Director of Dental Services for the Minnesota Department of Public Health,
and as the President of both the West Central District of Dentistry and the University of
Minnesota Dental Alumni Association. In 1986 he was elected to the Pierre Fauchard
Academy of Dentistry. In 1987 and 1989 respectively, he was elected Fellow of the
International College of Dentists and Fellow of the American College of Dentists. He
practised dentistry in Roros, Norway in 1971, serving as a District Dental Officer, at the
invitation of The Royal Norwegian Ministry of Social Affairs. He promoted the
introduction and use of fluoride in the drinking water in Norway as well as Minnesota and
conducted a clinic in the Alexandria area for the early detection and diagnosis of oral

On June 17, 1960, he married Patricia Marie Litsheim in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Together
they lived in Moorhead, Glenwood, Roros (Norway), Minneapolis, and Alexandria.
Between 1961 and 1969, they had four children: Caroline, Stephen, David, and Teddy. In
1972 they moved to Alexandria, and Larry opened a new practice. In 1974, following a
brief illness, Patricia died of breast cancer.

On February 18, 1977, Larry married Ruth (Pedersen) Anfinsen, and became step-father to
Peter, Mary and Jana Anfinsen. They raised their seven children in Alexandria, and
watched with pride and joy as each found his or her place in the world.

Larry was long active in community organizations, serving as a member of Kiwanis, Rotary
International, and Toastmasters. Always active in his church, he taught the Bethel Bible
Series at Glenwood Lutheran Church, served on several stewardship committees, and
served two terms on the First Lutheran Church Council. He loved sports, history, literature, and the performing arts. His particular love was the symphony, and he played violin in the community orchestra and at First Lutheran Church.

On January 25th, Larry suffered a fatal cardiac arrest. He is survived by his wife Ruth; by his sister Lee Ann (Irgens) Torlakson; by his children and step-children, Peter and Holly Anfinsen, Caroline (Irgens) and Chris Roback, Mary (Anfinsen) and Ken LeBlanc, Stephen and Sue Irgens, David Irgens, Jana (Anfinsen) and Michael Hanson, and Ted Irgens; and by his thirteen grandchildren, Andrew, Alecia, Brandon, Sara, Jonathan, Rachel, Anna, Amy, Megan, Elena, Zachary, Ian, and Lee.

His family asks that any memoriums be made to either First Lutheran Church or the American Cancer Society.

Funeral Service: First Lutheran Church, Alexandria, Minnesota. Saturday, January 29, 2000. 2:00 PM
Officiating: Rev. Gary Gilthvedt.
Music: Diane Alveshere, Solo by Mary (Anfinsen) LeBlanc.
Pallbearers: Pete Anfinsen, David Irgens, Stephen Irgens, Ted Irgens.
Honorary Pall bearers: Carl Knudson, Daryl Ostercamp, Earl Schultz, Paul Pedersen, Dave Gadola, Ed Monahan.
Eulogies: Ralph Pedersen, Teddy Irgens, David Irgens.
Interment: Kinkead Cemetery, Alexandria, Minnesota 
Irgens, Lawrence Harlo (I3506)
2 1879 12 juni blir han født i Hage
1880 plejebarn i Nørre Snede
1902 9 juli bor de i Underup
1903 6 juli bor de vorbjerg-mark underup sogn
1904 23 maj bor de i Sudkær
1906 bor de i Østbirk
1918 6 oktober bor de i Østbirk
1920 bor de i Østbirk
1923 bor de i Østbirk
1924 bor de i Østbirk
1926 bor de i Rådved
1931 2 juni bor de i Rådved
1943 bor de i Stefansgade 12
1958 5 april bor de Stefansgade 12 B
Han har været i sydslesvig og lave jernbane, før han blev gift
han har været soldat i københavn ca 1902
Jørgensen, Ingvard (I524)
3 -----------------------------------------

Nielsine PETREA Juliane Lauridsen 4/12 1882 - 17/11 1954 U2

Kaldenavn: Petrea

I Petreas skudsmålsbog står:
"I Følge Føvling Sogns Kirkebog er Nielsine Petrea Juliane Lauridsen født i Øster Snede Sogn d. 4 December 1882, døbt d. 28 Februar 1883 og konfirmeret i Ring Kirke d. 11 April 1897
Ring Præstegaard d. 12 April 1897
Aage Gad


Petrea kom aldrig ud at tjene.

Lauridsen, Nielsine Petrea Juliane (I4672)
4 fødsel: Hans Peter Hornbeck Jørgensen ( kirkebog Hansted )
Hans Peter Hornbeck Jørgensen
født: 7. marts 1884 døbt i Lundum kirke 13. juli 1884
foræl: Gaardmand Peder Kristian Jørgensen og hustru Karen Rasmussen, 38 aar, Raadved Mark
Jørgensen, Hans Peter Hornbech (I5450)
5 konfirmation ( kb Hornborg M8455B )
Konfirmation 1855, kmdsk meget god opfør m.g. Vaccineret 17/6-1844 
Rasmussen, Jesper (I4578)
6 602 Jesper Jørgensen i Kalhave. 10.11.1755, side 21.
E: Anne Andersdatter. LV: Søren Andersen. Første ægteskab med [Maren Christensdatter]. B: Jørgen 23, Christen 21, Anne 15. FM: farbrødre Laurids Jørgensen, Laurids Lauridsen sst.
Jørgensen, Jesper (I2335)
7 630 Birthe Mikkelsdatter 19 år ugift i Kalhave. 18.8.1761, side 123.
A: mor [Mette Pedersdatter] g.m. Søren Christensen sst, brødre Peder Mikkelsen, Jens Mikkelsen, Christen Mikkelsen, skifte efter far [Mikkel Jensen Bisgaard] 28.2.1742, halvbrødre Mikkel Sørensen, Christen Sørensen, Jens Sørensen. Sml. lbnr.631.
Mikkelsdatter, Birthe (I3967)
8 652 Anne Rasmusdatter i Honum. 10.7.1764, side 221.
E: Mikkel Sørensen skrædder. B: Sidsel Marie 6. Første ægteskab med Poul Steffensen i Træden. [Skifte Skanderborg Rytterdistrikt 25.9.1754] B: Maren 18, Steffen 16, Rasmus 14. FM: farbror Peder Steffensen i Tønning, morbror Christen Rasmussen i Træden. Skifte efter enkemanden første ægtefælle 11.10.1738. B: Mikkel i Uldum, Maren. Skifte efter enkemandens anden ægtefælle 8.3.1754. B: Christen, Johanne, Kirsten.
Rasmusdatter, Anne (I2386)
9 690 Kirsten Jensdatter i Uldum. 4.6.1774, side 375.
E: Rasmus Mikkelsen. Første ægteskab med [Jørgen Lauridsen sst, skifte 27.10.1760 lbnr.624]. B: Jens 32 sst, Anne 21, Jesper 16. FM: farbror Laurids Lauridsen i Kalhave.

Jensdatter, Kirsten (I4428)
10 7 aug.1774 Confirmered i dåben Niels Jacobsens datter i Hverring, som blev hiemmedøbt 5 jul.1774, og kaldet - Marie Kirstine.
Båren af Anders Pedersens datter Maren af Fleming.
Faddere: Frands Mortensen, Chresten Jensen, Ole Bruun, Søren Jacobsen alle af Hverring.
Nielsdatter, Marie Kirstine (I19101)
11 begravet 4 jan 1852, 1 år
Rasmussen, Hans Hornbek (I4850)
12 Claus Jørgensen og Kirsten Andersdatters barn - Anders, som var født 6 nov.1795.
Clausen, Anders (I7218)
13 Mindst én nulevende eller privat person er knyttet til denne note - Detaljer er udeladt. Familie F1737
14 Hans Adolf Jensen
Stilling: Landmand
Alder: 21
Forevisningsdato: 16/11 1905
Fødesogn: Hammer
Sidste oph.sted: Tørring
Bestemmelses land: Argentina
Bestemmelses by: Buenos Aires
Skibsnavn: Indirekte
Jensen, Hans Adolf (I23752)
15 kirken:
Karen Pedersdatter Møller
Forældre: Gårdmand Peder Jensen Møller og hustru Mette Kirstine Pedersdatter af Holm.
Pedersdatter Møller, Karen (I11807)
16 kirken:
Peder Christian Tolstrup Munch
Forældre: Gårdmand Søren Taftenberg Munch og hustru Anne Pedersdatter Tolstrup i Ploustrup.
Munch, Peder Christian Tolstrup (I21787)
17 kirken:
Rasmus Secher Bache
Forældre: Kjøbmand Laurs Peter Bache og hustru Mette Cathrine Secher Andreasen (29 år).
Bache, Rasmus Secher (I25290)
18 kirken:
Thule Peter Thulesen
Forældre: Gårdejer Kristian Thulesen og hustru Karen Jensen (26 år) på Lillebjerre.
Thulesen, Thule Peter (I19325)
19 kirken:
Åge Christensen
Forældre: Husmand Niels Carl Christensen (48 år) og hustru Mikkeline Petrea f. Laursen (36 år) af Foerlev.
Åge var tvilling til Svend Christensen. 
Christensen, Åge (I19865)
20 near Bjerringbro Pedersen, Ejnar Richard (I3478)
21 Søren Pedersens og Kirsten Jensdatters søn i Beder - Jens
Sørensen, Jens (I6018)
22 "Arthur M. Anfinsen Jr. was born April 1, 1931 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the
son of Violet and Arthur M. Anfinsen. He attended public school in
Minneapolis where he lived all his childhood. He enlisted in the United
States Marines in 1951 and served until 1953. He attended Lutheran Bible
Institute and later graduated from Augsburg College in 1957. He enrolled in
Luther Seminary in St. Paul and graduated in 1961.
On August 26, 1956 he was united in marriage to Ruth Pedersen. They have
three children: Peter, age 12; Mary age seven, and Jana, age two and one-half.
Pastor Anfinsen served his internship at First Lutheran in 1959-1960 before
taking his first parish in Valhalla Centre, Alberta, Canada in 1961. In
September 1966 they moved to Alexandria where he has served as pastor with
special responsibility in the field of youth and education.
He died December 30th in the Douglas County Hospital.
He is survived by his wife and three children; his father and step-mother, one
brother, John, of Minneapolis; two sisters: Mary (Mrs. Jack Rongey) of Two
Rivers, Wisconsin, and Gloria (Mrs. Donald Fox of Tanzania, East Africa. He
was preceded in death by his mother and infant son John.
Burial is in Sunset Memorial Cemetery in Alexandria."
(from the funeral bulletin)
Funeral Service: First Lutheran Church, Alexandria, Minnesota.
Sermon: Reverend Philip G. Westby. 
Anfinsen, Arthur Morris Jr. (I3503)
23 (Adoptiv)forældre: Gårdejer Jens Folmer Petersen (død) og hustru Ane Dorthea Kristensen, Horsholm.
Født 10 feb.1918 og døbt 3 mar.1918 i Vejle Vor Frelser sogn. 
Petersen, Vera Nørup (I24509)
24 (Adoptiv)forældre: Husejer Mads Andersen Winther og hustru Laura Jensen, Hatting.
Født 7 maj 1907 i Hatting og døbt i kirken 26 maj 1907.
Aldersdispensation af 25 feb.1921. 
Vinther, Elmar Magnus (I20798)
25 (Fraskilt) arbejdsmand Jens Olsen af Horsens. Født i Engum sogn 17 sep.1838 og confirmeret.
Pige Jensine Rasmussen af Horsens. Født i Hvirring 12 jul.1852 og confirmeret 1867. 
Familie F5912
26 (Hans Madsen Hansens note:)
Datter af: Kristen Høj Pedersen og hustru, Haarum, Salling.
(Note fra Elly/Vera:)
Datter af: Kresten Pedersen Høj og Karoline Høj, Håsum, Salling. 
Pedersen, Elly Høj (I4635)
27 (Medical):Fik konstateret diabetes på sine ældre dage. Pedersen, Dagmar Nielsine (I6)
28 (Medical):Fik slidgigt da han passerede de 60 år. Christiansen, Villiam (I5)
29 (Medical):Forstanden berøvet fra barndommen. Thomasdatter, Bodil Cathrine (I5257)
30 (Medical):Karen Maries forstand var berøvet fra fødslen. Sørensen, Karen Marie (I8642)
31 (Medical):Laurs Christian var blind. Pedersen, Laurs Christian (I6248)
32 (Medical):Mariane havde et meget svagt syn. Albrechtsdatter, Mariane (I5859)
33 (Medical):Morten døde på Sindsygeanstalten i Vejlby sogn i Århus amt. Hartvigsen, Morten (I6177)
34 (Medical):Søren var meget tunghør. Rasmussen, Søren Peder (I5412)
35 (Medical):Vaccineret 27-7-1858
Rasmussen, Karen Marie (I4851)
36 (Medical):Vaccineret 29-8-1850 Rasmussen, Morten (I4848)
37 (Medical):Vaccineret: 23-7-1855 Rasmussen, Karen (I4705)
38 (Overhøring) Jensen, Niels (I14463)
39 (Stedfader): Gårdmand Søren Clausen i Lønå.
Døbt 7 maj 1809.
Karakter for kundskab og opførsel: god
Vaccineret 1819 af jomfru Kræmer. 
Nielsen, Ebbe August (I7507)
40 ---------------------
Hans Madsens note:
Overtog en ejendom på Kalhave Mark, dengang de blev gift.
Hansen, Karl (I4625)
41 ---------------------
Hans Madsens note:
Overtog fødegården, Kalhave Søndergård, dengang de blev gift.
Hansen, Hans Kristian (I4634)
42 ---------------------
Hans Madsens note:
Overtog Williams fødegård i Skjedsbøl, Vestjyll., da de blev gift.
Solgte den og købte gård i Vrønding 1948.
Hansen, Johanne Kirstine (I4800)
43 Rasmusdatter, Ane (I18726)
44 1 apr.1753 havde Jens Iversen af Salten, et barn til dåben, kaldet - Jens.
Jens Eriksens hustru af Salten bar det.
Faddere: Rasmus Rasmussen Porup af Salten, Jacob Hansen, Laurids ?????sens hustru af Them og Jens Christensen af ??????. 
Jensen (Michelsen), Jens (I17559)
45 1 apr.1768 begravet Lars Jørgensen af Kalhave, som døde 22 mar.1768 - 65 år. Jørgensen, Laurids (I15952)
46 1 apr.1770 døbt Niels Nielsens barn i Kodalund og kaldet - Anna.
Båren af Anna Chrestensdatter i Trebjerre.
Faddere: Jacob Nielsen, Rasmus Chrestensen, Niels Andersen, Jens Christensen alle af Kodalund. 
Nielsdatter, Anna (I19074)
47 1 apr.1771 døbt Niels Mortensens barn af Flemming og kladet - Niels.
Båren af jomfru Vilstrup i Klags Mølle.
Faddere: Knud Christensen, Hans Mortensen, Christen Mortensen og Anne Marie Knudsdatter, alle af Flemming. 
Nielsen, Niels (I5597)
48 1 apr.1781 dåbsconfirmation for Anders Skousbøls søn - Jens.
Båren af Michel Nielsen Smeds hustru.
Faddere: Jens Moring, Johan Hollænder, Søren Hatting af Åle og Mads Willumsens kone. 
Andersen (Skousbøl), Jens (I23755)
49 1 apr.1796 døbt Søren Nielsen og Kiersten Simonsdatter, en søn fra Vrønding, kaldet - Simon.
Båren af Inger Marie Simonsdatter fra Lund.
Faddere: Hans Knudsen fra Lund, Peder Jacobsen, Jens M????sen, Niels Jacobsen og Jens Olesens hustru, alle fra Vrønding. 
Sørensen, Simon (I14927)
50 1 apr.1806 født og 5 apr.1806 inddøbt fæstehusmand af Låsby Rasmus Rasmussen Væver og Karen Nielsdatter, deres førstefødte søn kaldet - Rasmus. Rasmussen, Rasmus (I18608)

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